The Product

Rational House™ is built using a range of standard parts that fit together in different ways, so that the shell of a typical house can be erected in 10 days.

The primary structure and panels are made from load bearing pre-cast architectural stone, which means that the internal walls can be changed to accommodate the different needs of the house throughout it's lifetime.

  • The system can be built in a variety of heights from 2 to 10 storeys without modification and higher if required.
  • Plan form gives great adaptability and flexibility: houses can easily be converted to flats, maisonettes or commercial uses
  • Built using repeatable MMC
  • Large windows of 2.6 m in height give high levels of natural light, whilst maintaining thermal and noise insulation
  • High floor to floor dimension of 3.15 m gives complete flexibility in services and creates generous interior space
  • Complies with the  London Housing Design Guide, Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4, Lifetime Homes, Secure by Design