Sustainability is integral to Rational House™.

Rational House™ is built using precast panels that are made from secondary aggregate that would have otherwise gone to landfill sites. These panels are created off-site in controlled factory conditions therefore minimising waste.

The finished product is a long-lived robust structure with a highly flexible interior. The house is a highly insulated, sealed construction, with high thermal mass and decrement delay. The lack of load bearing internal walls means that the house can be dismantled and reassembled using components in different formats.

Using sustainably sourced materials, Rational House™ is built to Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 with the ability to reach Level 5. It is capable of zero-carbon performance in larger developments when integrated with communal heat and power systems. The low maintenance design features integrated PV panels and allows for rainwater harvesting and mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR). The Rational House™ concept is very land-use efficient and capable of net densities of over 400 HR/hectare for well-rounded communities. External bike storage and private amenity areas are integrated into the design so occupants can have a low carbon footprint within a quality residence.