Rational House™

Rational House™ is a new family city dwelling for the 21st century.

Rational House™ provide quality homes at affordable costs and address urban planning issues which confront many cities worldwide; urban character and density. The Rational House™ team has created a blueprint for contemporary living: a sustainable modern house that distills the most successful characteristics of family homes of the past. The initiative responds to a society with changing needs by a creating highly flexible and adaptable product that in areas of urban regeneration, has the ability to offer family homes that can also fit into tight urban spaces.

Rational House™ is delivered by AECOM. They provide a full turn key offer including all design, planning and engineering services and also act as main contractor. The joint venture powerfully combines original concept work from Rational House™ with the diverse and global capabilities of AECOM. This unique partnership maximises the benefits of single-source, multi disciplinary design and construction.